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Make Apple, er, America Great Again: iGiant to bring home profits, pay $38bn in repatriation tax


In 8 years under Barry Obama the US had:

- No GDP rise above 3% in any year (Barry was the first US President in history to achieve this feat)

- Record number of people on food stamps

- Increased the nation debt by $7 TRILLION dollars

- Covert drone wars (over 20k bombs dropped in 2016)

- Growth of ISIS which Barry said it would "take many years to defeat"

- One of the highest personal and corporate tax rates in the world

- Record increases in the cost of medical insurance

- Record numbers of illegal immigration

- Record gun crime in inner cities

During that time Barry increased his personal wealth from around $1m to $40m all on a 'messily' $470k a year salary.

In a single year Trump has:

- Record numbers in employment

- Record numbers of minorities in employment

- Record highs on the stock market

- Record tax cuts

- ISIS defeated

- GDP growth up to 3.3%

All the while donating his salary to good causes and has decreased his personal wealth by around £1billion.

Now companies across america are repatriating jobs and wealth and somehow this is a bad thing?

Is it any wonder trust in the media is at an all time low as they continue to slant every Trump and Brexit news story to suit their only political agendas?

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