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Re: A blue butt plug? The guy is a monster...

I'm more concerned about the amount and types of toys he has, as it indicated he's at the amateur side of things. This shouldn't add significant value to the claim of the nanny.

When I'm tired of being the army-of-one at work, I relax by browsing through my vast collection of BDSM gear and sex toys, invited some people over who get a thrill out of that sort of thing, and we turn it into a playdate with subsequent sleepover.

Obviously, I'm not a family man, so I don't have to hide anything. The fact that he does, and does so in a suitcase in his own home, means this is just a poorly thought out or sporadically visited fantasy to him. A person who frequently uses sex toys and bondage gear does not do so in a house with children. I would know, as I'm storing boxes full of toys for various friends an acquaintances.

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