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15.5 percent and Apple Incentive

Then, the Trump-friendly tax reform bill passed late last year offering a one-off discount rate of 15.5 per cent for repatriated profits.

Compare to their single digital corporate tax by leaving the profit outside, it doesn't feel like Apple will bring 'all' of their profit back to USA.

If you think like a multi-international Apple guy (Tim Cook?), bring 'all' profit back doesn't give much benefit unless you really need USA stuff. The factories and everything are outside, so the profit outside can be used to continue manufacturing iPhone without getting taxed by the USA, which saves 15.5 percent in cost. So unless Apple guy want more USA designers, USA Apple campuses, USA Apple servers, or USA Apple buildings, there are little reasons they would bring all the profit back. Even when you look at it in another direction, if Apple sold an iPhone in Singapore, it's profit in Singapore that is taxed in Singapore and can be reinvested in Singapore. Why would you bring it back and get taxed 15.5 percent?

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