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Things may have changed since then though (2010).

They have. BA short haul is in a downward path that has now passed Easyjet and is heading for Ryanair territory. No food, extra baggage charges, limited routes. They're just another low-cost carrier.

Their transatlantic long-haul is still better than some, far ahead of United & Air France, for example, but was behind KLM. I haven't flown KLM transatlantic much since they merged with Air France, not sure how they're doing now, though. Amsterdam wasn't a bad place to change planes.

For the flights I take, BA still has better schedules, which is one reason I still use them. It wouldn't take much to make me swap, and their appallingly-uncomfortable new economy seats might be the last straw. One hour out of Heathrow in an A380 and my backside was already numb due to the 1cm thick "cushion" over the rigid plastic. The fixed headrests are too wide to support your head, and too narrow to leave room for a pillow. Major fail there, no matter how nice the A380 might be in terms of space and noise.

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