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"In Snowden's case, he's already escaped...." Er, no. Snowden's goal was to get to Ecuador and full political asylum and citizenship, like Assange. Snowden was only passing through Russia when his passport got cancelled, leaving him stranded. He's only surviving in Moscow, not living the life of the Great CIA Tormentor he would have been accorded in Quito. It's not daiquiris on the beach, anyone in the US grumbling about the current cold should remember that's Moscow every year! Kim Philby, possibly the most notorious Russian spy, spent his exile in Moscow trying to get back to the UK.

"....He doesn't need to escape further...." Debatable. In Ecuador he is probably safe for his lifetime from extradition to the US. In the NewSSR he only has "temporary asylum" for three years, which really means he's there as long as it suits Putin. Now, should the US offer something Pootie wants, like extradition of Chechen terrorist/freedom-fighter/politician Ilyas Akhmadov..... So, no, Snowden's position is not totally secure.

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