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high speed rail is a better/quicker/cheaper/more efficient way of moving 1000 people 3-500km - bunch of commies

A typical high speed train can carry 1,000-1,200 people in relative comfort, uses sod all fuel compared to an airliner, and can if required run at around 5 minute intervals. Given the absurd logistical and security pantomime at most airports that demand you get there hours before your flight, AND rarely start or finish anywhere near the passengers' final destination, rail is the logical choice.

If it is a long distance through journey, the rail passengers will be three hundred miles towards their destination just in the check in time for air. Obviously new rail works best where the government can put a ruler on the map and say "build it there" regardless of local peasants and existing property or business interests. Whereas the UK's HS2 will be an object lesson in how not to build high speed rail.

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