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"That's because a package weighs fuck all and needs delivering yesterday. If you want anything bigger than an A4 envelope and it's not in a rush you need a boat. Ring UPS and they'll even advise a ship for larger/slower items.

I'll also point out that one of the major freight airports in the UK is East Midlands airport. It doesn't have the room for an A380".

Economies of scale means that it makes sense to move large numbers of parcels in one go. The bigger the aircraft, the more you can send in one go. There are also other items such as gas turbines which makes sense to travel by air.

There are about 160 747 Freighters in operation, so it there is a market

East Midlands will happily support a Antonov-225 or a cargo 747, I know because i live down the road and often see them, so it will cater for a A-380 cargo version, but the bigger business are would be somewhere like the US or China, where infrastructure and distance from the sea makes air transport more attractive

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