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JeffyPooh: Keep In Lane, meet snow-covered roads, meet filthy camera, meet inconsistent and faded markings.

Telsa have a significant number of cars in Norway - this isn't a problem they are unable to solve.

> Naive trust in Self Driving technology will see you decapitated by a semi truck's "invisible" 53-foot trailer.

Well, yes - if you ignore the warnings the car is giving you, and the warnings you were given when you bought the car, and completely fail to pay any attention to the road *and* someone turns in front of you poorly then you'll come a cropper... But you will note that despite being told (repeatedly) to keep their attention on the road the driver you refer to also failed to observe the trailer.

This is where L4 on Motorways comes in. The environment is massively simplified, and it's relatively easy to wake the driver up and say 'hey, in a minute or so we'll be heading off the motorway and you'll be needed'.

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