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Airbus warns it could quit A380 production

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Rune reading again ...

I think long-haul is going to be squeezed as never before in the medium future, so maybe huge airliners aren't the thing.

You can't have years and years of austerity, and not expect it to affect *everything*

There will be an uptick as millenials get the message they will never own a house, and splurge cash on ephemeral pleasures. But we're in the Autumn already.

Short-haul intra-continental would have been a better bet (so more local, smaller airports). But the UK has queered it's own pitch on that one by refusing to confirm how travel into and out of the EU will work post 2019.

The industry would have done an awful lot better if it had come up with a replacement for Concorde when it was clear it's days were over. Because they could have absolutely fleeced the oligarchy - and maybe subsidised us peasants.

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