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Junk food meets junk money: KFC starts selling Bitcoin Bucket

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Just a publicity stunt

They aren't accepting bitcoin for anything, just a special product with a limited number available (so they don't get killed by the transaction cost)

I'm sure the bitcoin nuts will try to claim "look regular companies are starting to accept it" but they are not and will not. They just wanted to get some free publicity they wouldn't have got if they did an ordinary cut price special.

The bitcoin conference didn't accept bitcoin, that tells you all you need to know about how useless it is for normal transactions now. Cryptocurrencies may eventually succeed (I think a good use would be micropayments to web sites for viewing so they don't have to fight ad blockers) but bitcoin will not be the one that wins. It has too many problems inherent to its design that make it terrible for being anything but the tulip of the 2010s.

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