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OK - I know that good work happened at Defford, but as far as memory serves, the airfield was the site of the transport part of TRE research, rather than the R&D, science and engineering work. That almost entirely happened at Malvern, and not just at Malvern College, as suggested in the article. From the moment that Bawdsey was evacuated to Malvern (not Defford) when the invasion threatened, most of the town was involved in some way or another. After the war, this continued, and by the end of the 70s, and well into the 80s, what was then the Royal Radar Establishment covered multiple sites in Malvern, with two principle establishments, North Site and South Site. North Site closed in 2003 but the main site still flourishes as one of the key Qinetiq R&D sites. Those of us who grew up in Malvern from the 60s onwards all had mums and dads working at the site, many of whom were eminent (but top secret!) experts in radar scanner design, laser radar, LCD display development, 3D radar and many more curious things. What is little know is that at one point during WW2, a German prisoner of war camp was built and occupied within a mile or two of the main TRE site. It didn't take too long before someone asked up the chain of command, enquiring discretely, why the camp had been built near a certain top secret research site. The P.O.W. camp was swiftly dismantled...

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