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Remember those holy tech wars we used to have? Heh, good times

Oh Homer

"Religion gave way to pragmatism"?

Not really. It's more a case of everything sucks equally now.

Take Linux, for example. It's hard for me to advocate, as I used to, something that has now fully embraced the Windows mentality via systemd.

As for Windows, first Vista then Windows 10 eradicated whatever little was left of the Windows fanboi community.

And Jobs pretty much took the Cult of Mac with him to the grave, along with whatever little was ever actually good about Apple products.

Turns out that Google really is evil, and damned proud of it too, and Android is frankly an even bigger headache than Windows, in my now long term experience of it.

So what's left to advocate?

Here's my new vendor of choice: none of the above. They all suck. Let's face it, everything in tech. sucks, and is getting exponentially suckier by the day.

The only thing left to advocate is chucking the whole lot of it into the shredder, and going outside for some fresh air ... before heading off down the pub - the only thing left in life that is guaranteed to never, ever suck.

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