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It gets worse: Microsoft’s Spectre-fixer wrecks some AMD PCs

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My data points

Did fresh 10 install on Phenom X2/8GB 12800 DDR3L/C650D machine with brand new SSD.

So far it seems to be working fine but did notice that the damnable atibtmon.exe error is back after one round of patches.

Could there be a connection?

I have yet to try it on an older system as it is in pieces due to the lack of a working graphics card and my 40" monitor being tied up with fecking This Morning!

(cough multipath hack with 3D glasses so I can use the TV at the same time /cough)

My older system is a Core 2 Duo T7300 running Intel/W7 x32 so shouldn't be affected.

Also two netbooks both Intel Atom based.

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