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> Now IDEs have become more sophisticated; you can do everything you need with a good IDE

Probably. But should you?

> Unfortunately this has made IDEs and their accompanying baggage so complicated to configure, maintain, and use that I find myself nostalgic for the old days when I had some time free to write code as well!

That is exactly the feeling I had when I looked at things like Eclipse and NetBeans. ☺ Maybe I'm an idiot, but I write bugs in GitLab or GitHub, depending on the project, use Git from the command line, write code using a bog standard syntax-highlighting text editor, and don't really have to deal with builds, testing and deployment beyond writing a .gitlab-ci.yml or similar sort of CI script (again with a bog-standard text editor). Each one of those are sort of micro-skills that are transferable and won't get obsoleted any time soon, nor will I get irreversibly locked into any one vendor's systems.

Or are we talking non-general purpose IDEs? Such as Qt Develop for Qt, or Apache Directory Studio for LDAP?

So, honest question from the point of view of ignorance: what would a "proper" IDE be like and what does it give you beyond that which I described above?

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