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Which side is up?

Part of it, for me at least, is that the "camps" have all been torn asunder, to where I am not really sure which way is up anymore.

From the beginning, Apple was the bad guy for me. I started out using Timex-Sinclair, then a Commodore 64, only to discover the snooty superiority complex of Apple fanatics over their 1 MHz 6502 powerhouse. That soured me on Apple very quickly.

I kept using the Commodore until college, at which time I built my first PC, a 386-33, at that time an incredibly expensive but potent beast. Immediately I was swept into the Mac vs. PC wars; I had little opinion about Macs before that, other than a general contempt because they were Apple products, but soon Mac fans came out of the woodwork to insult my new pride and joy, and so I became a PC partisan.

Many years later, the iPhone came out, and while I to this day do not have a smart phone, I soon became aware that the choice was between a severely limited, walled-garden iDevice and a more customizable Android device. Not only that, but as with PCs, Android users had a broad choice of hardware, while Apple users had only what Apple offered.

Apple was again the bad guy, but something else wasn't right with it. Google was also the bad guy. Apple is overpriced and snooty and artificially limited to prevent their poor sheep from having to tax their widdle brains trying to use their products, but Google out-and-out spied on people, and as much as I despise Apple for the aforementioned reasons, it's not as bad as spying on people (I know people say Apple does it too. Well, I am unconvinced they do it even somewhat close to what Google does). On top of that, Android has an absurd means of updating the OS... depending on device OEMs or cellular carriers to push out updates is just insane.

So smartphones are crap either way, but I still have my PCs, right? Up through Windows 7, sure. Now we're in the Windows 10, "Windows as a Service" era, and it's all turned upside down. Windows 10, quite simply, is an abomination. I cannot adequately express how much I loathe it without bursting into a string of profanity that is uncharacteristic of my writing, and it would probably be too much even for the Reg. Given that MS has made it clear that there is no Windows in the future besides 10, it means that Windows, as a platform, is essentially dead for me. I'd stop using computers completely before I migrated to 10.

Windows hasn't been an OS designed for the traditional PC with mouse and keyboard since Windows 7. After that, Windows ceased to be an OS for the purpose of its users, and it began to be a vehicle for selling Windows phones. It failed miserably, and MS has exited that market, yet they press ahead with the bizarre and stupid phone interface in 10 anyway.

MacOS, though, was meant to be used on the kind of PC I use. How can Apple be the bad guy now? If I had to recommend a PC operating system for someone who wasn't up to Linux, or who had to use programs like Photoshop or a recent version of MS Office (which apparently won't run on Linux even with WINE), it would have to be MacOS. If I had to suggest a device for someone who was a complete tech neophyte, but who wanted to use the internet anyway, it would be an iPad.

Apple, somehow, is the good guy now. It boggles my mind... I still despise the cultism and the smug superiority complex a lot of Apple fans have, and I still detest the idea of having such a limited choice of hardware if I want to use their OS, but Microsoft is so much worse. I'm very glad to have Linux as a third choice, as I think otherwise my head would explode.

That's where I am headed now... I have Linux Mint set up on both of my "main" PCs, and my brand new ultraportable laptop (got it a couple of weeks ago as I write) that came with 10 is my very first Linux only PC so far. I got it cheap, and it's one of those that has only a paltry 32GB eMMC "hard drive." To have two thirds of that used by Windows itself right out of the box is just... stupid. That's not enough storage for Windows... maybe for ChromeOS it is fine (is this thing just a Chromebook with real PC firmware?), but Windows... no way. With Mint, though, it's quite usable with that tiny eMMC.

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