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However, if the US doesn't issue an extradition request, the UK has it's own axe to grind. You may have missed the David Miranda affair, where it was admitted in court that Miranda had 58,000 highly-classified UK Government documents in his possession that are claimed to have been part of the WikiLeaks trove. WikiLeaks just having those docs without authority, let alone distributing them, puts them in breach of section 6 of the UK's Official Secrets Act, and as Assange has already admitted his part in that leak he will probably be slapped with a charge by the UK if the Americans take a rain check.

Actually, *I* missed that one. Thanks for the reminder. It appears St Jules is f*cked either way, pretty much the position he manoeuvred those Swedish girls in. If they had kept quiet they would have to live with the problem (given St Jules' rumoured aversion to cleanliness he could have been sharing a bit too much, which was IMHO the motive for the girls to ask via the police if he would be so kind to have himself checked - a request, I note, he has as yet to act upon which carries a hint that he may already know what the outcome would be), and acting got them accused by especially the mindless ST Jules supporters of being stooges of whoever is currently pursuing his unwashed grace.

I'd switch back a few steps here to address Wikileaks itself. Given how he behaves and how WL has been acting I find the conclusion pretty much inevitable that the alleged motive of creating "openness" is a load of hogwash - as far as I can tell, WL was merely created to put some "benefit to society" varnish over Assange's hacking activities and so give it an air of legitimacy that it has proven not to deserve in the slightest due to its clear political bias, which moves those hacking activities back on the criminal dossier too. No public benefit, ergo no excuses.

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