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HN or HackerNews ( overtook /. or as the go to place for insightful tech discussions. For some time it was the FightClub of forums. But it's time to move on. HN is nowadays heavily moderated and censored, when the original creator PG left the boat it went downhill. YCombinator related companies are supported a lot like CoinBase and other news are censored without any info. They are also sponsored by big co. Nowadays M$ shills flood the comments with PR and many insightful comments get flagged and the accounts rated limited (allowed to only post 3 comments per day) and shadow banned (only visible to one himself). HN is nowadays also very MSSQL, Postgres and Redis leaning, everything else gets downvoted, so mention MySQL and you get banned. It grew recently to a toxic community and bad behaving moderators, while the nice creator left and never seen again.

@TheRegister: The best way to browse HackerNews nowadays is to use: shows also all flagged and censored news stories.

Anyway lot's of The Register news get censored on HackerNews lately. And the whole Meltdown fiasco got downplayed on HN, while enjoying great coverage on The Reg. I am switching over to The Reg now - seems like a superb website that still objectively reports about tech without being just a PR channel of big co like HN (no hack news or startup news inside anymore) is nowadays.

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