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Worcestershire's airborne electronics warfare wonderland

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A small correction.

The article refers to Maurice Wilkes thus:

"Maurice Wilkes, who following the war built the first practical general purpose stored-program electronic computer in Cambridge."

Actually, Wilkes headed the project which built EDSAC, which was the second practical general purpose stored-program electronic computer to go into service - the first being the Manchester Mk 1, which was was put into service in the month prior to EDSAC's first run of a program: April 1949 rather than May 1949.

Both machines were put into service as soon as they were working.

BINAC (in the USA) would have a good claim to being the first such device had it ever worked after being delivered to its customer, the Northrop Aircraft Company. Apparently it worked well in testing (March-April 1949) but it never worked properly after being delivered.

EDSAC was a grand achievement indeed - but it wasn't the first.

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