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Until a car cuts in front

Concur. I do 2K mile expeditions twice a year including going to some places where no normal Western European driver dares go (f.e. offroad in Bulgarian, Romanian and Monte Negro mountains) or even onroad in cities somewhere in the deepest darkest Eastern Europe. Worst is actually the motorway to cross the continent if you have the bad luck of doing it at the same time when the migratory birds, sorry Turks go South or North.

It is exactly that situation - people cutting in front of you at 1m distance because some idiot driving an erectyle disfunction compensator class Merc or Beamer has nearly run them off the road. Add to this the car density on the motorway resembling M25 in rush hour while the speed is at 85mph+.

It is like a f**** salmon run in Alaska. Just instead of salmon you have erectile dysfunction compensator class Mercs and Beamers to show off in the birthplace village in DijarBekir.

Cruise control? No thanks. I trust my foot on the accelerator. Up to the maximum reasonable per day - 8 hours. After that I am in the pool thank ya and no automated driving tech will make the journey shorter, safer or less psychotic (at least until the Turks stop to migrate north and south twice a year).

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