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An interesting article on the first vehicles to climb the Sani Pass in South Africa/Lesotho - including a VW Beetle. It also records the repeat run with a modern front-wheel drive VW 60 years later - by which time the road had had some of the steeper parts flattened out to no worse than 1:3. It is still 2800 metres high - not a lot of oxygen for engines up there. Third set of carburettor jets in an old Landrover.

Reminds me of the Stalheim Pass in Norway. A 1:5 winding loose surface in the 1970s that was then the main E16 road to Bergen via the Sognefjord. Now it is by-passed by a tunnel. A great spectator spot for tourists. We sat at the bottom waiting our turn while watching cars ahead of us attempting the climb. A car in front only managed it after the passengers got out and sat on the bonnet to give it some traction. We just engaged four wheel drive and low, low gear to trundle up easily. That was a dry summer's day - winter would have been something else.

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