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"wheat, barley, or rye".

According to on the Wiki, "mustamakkara" black sausage what we have in Finland.

"Mustamakkara (literally black sausage) is a type of Finnish blood sausage traditionally eaten with lingonberry jam. It is nowadays available in many stores across Finland, but is held in the position of local delicacy and speciality of Tampere. Mustamakkara is at its best when bought and eaten fresh at market stalls, to which it is delivered hot in styrofoam boxes from the factories directly after baking. A typical practice of reheating the sausage is to just fry it in a pan.

Mustamakkara is known to have been eaten as early as in the 17th century and was generally cooked over a small fire, in a hot cauldron or in an oven. Mustamakkara is made by mixing pork, pig blood, crushed rye and flour, "

But as always people use what they have available, be it oatmeal, wheat, barley, or rye if they do it themselves, which they don't these days.

And then there is "Verilätty" in Finish, "Blodplättar" in Swedish, according to the Wikipedia used only also in Norway which cannot be true as it's such a quick way of using the blood.

Of course "modern" people don't like to eat blood, which in a way, is a bit silly, as you will always eat blood too if you eat meat, no matter how you kill the animal.

On blood pancakes:

Blodplättar, or blood pancakes (veriohukainen, verilätty or verilettu in Finnish), are a dish served in Finland, Sweden and Norway made of whipped blood and other ingredients. It is similar to black pudding, but is thinner and crispier.

Blodplättar may be fried in a frying pan. The pancakes are occasionally served with pork or reindeer meat.

In Swedish, the word may also be used to refer to blood platelets."

What else, my deity how much oat porridge one had to eat as a child, and now it would probably be all for the good to day too.

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