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Let's get straight to the facts, Julian Assanges' Wikileaks published damaging material about abuses and war crimes, of a suspect war, that was instigated because of a blatant false flag attack, with the MSM doing as they're told, to help maintain the PR status quo for the masses, AKA propaganda

That's where I think Assange/Wikileaks made a huge mistake. Facts, and their b'stard stepchild, fact 'checkers' aren't always reliable, and then become PR or propaganda tools themselves. So some years ago, Assange published his 'Collateral Murder' video showing a US attack that killed Reuters staff. But, his video edited out some crucial elements, like armed insurgents with the Reuters people. And from that point on, I lost trust in Wikileaks because it became political rather than neutral. And by becoming political, Assange has also made himself more enemies. It also meant Wikileaks lost staff, and probably sources who didn't want Assange editorialising to suit his own agenda.

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