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It's been a few years but I read Swedish case that's been handed over to the courts (Sweden makes a lot public on principle) and it was a bit iffy on the whole raping bit.

He's a slob and two-timing bastard of the first degree but the case would not go to court in almost any other country.

He supposedly wanted to be without a condom but put one on anyway but caused the end of it to break.

Then they had another go the next morning which she felt uncomfortable with afterwards making it a problem after the fact.

The other girl talked to the first because he was a bit of a creep and they both decided to go to the police.

When it happened I remember there was also a private familiarity between the girls and the prosecutor who decided it was rape and not mere molestation. There was a lot of conspiracy accusations initially as the whole lot in Sweden was either active Social democrats (the Labour party there) or closely linked since it's hard to see how unprotected sex and after the fact regrets amounts to rape.

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