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"Nobody cares enough to bother to chase him any more. A couple of press conferences and then fades into obscurity."

Which bit of this, and other such statements from the US, did you miss...?

"Jeff Sessions, the USA’s attorney-general, has made it abundantly clear that the book will be hurled, with extreme prejudice, directly at the leaker-in-chief."

It would appear that Assange may have had cause for his paranoia, at the least. The US has shall we say... blunter under the Trump regime and less prone to dance around the point. Obama refused to comment on Assange, Clinton wanted to "drone him to death" and Trump wants the book chucked at him. It would appear that that champion of openness and free speech, the US of A, are determined to grab a non-citizen and take revenge for the embarrassment he heaped on them. I'm not sure we can deny that any longer.

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