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Ecuador tried to make Julian Assange a diplomat

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Sadly, history has shown that the human female sometimes lie about these things.

So I will correct your sentence, what you should have typed is:

"I hold a grudge against him because he is an alleged rapist on the run"

I would add also he is on the run from that beacon of light, the land of the *cough* free, Murica™© - I'm trying to run from them too so I dont blame him!

Let's get straight to the facts, Julian Assanges' Wikileaks published damaging material about abuses and war crimes, of a suspect war, that was instigated because of a blatant false flag attack, with the MSM doing as they're told, to help maintain the PR status quo for the masses, AKA propaganda

I remember the 1991 gulf war, the reasons for that, the propaganda put out, the 911 event and lies, the 77 event and that good ol' Peter Powers, of Visor Consultants

You'll excuse me if I tell you to STFU, because you have no clue what you're on about, or the history of all of this, this clusterfuck of humanity

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