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Many years ago, a "boffin" was bragging to me (a mere apprentice), about how wonderful his computerised testing system was for checking the integrity of new food and drinks cans.

He was doing this while we were installing a new upgraded version of the motherboard to one of the canning lines in the factory; sadly, he was concentrating so hard on bragging, he forgot to switch the machine from "Test" to "Run" when he was finished; it was about 8-9 hours before anyone picked up on the fact that there had been no rejects for a while; by that time if was far too late to isolate the cans produced on that single machine.

18 production lines, producing 36 cans per second each, times 9 hours.........

Still, it kept about 30 people employed for 6 months, manually checking each and every can.

One other notable error by this guy; he gave me a circuit diagram - as tradition it was on a fag packet (B&H I think), and ordered it built. The idea was to try and do away with the circuitry and expensive transformer required to step down from 240v to 5v by using ultra low current devices and a simple resister to drop the unwanted 235v.

Sadly, he got the decimal point wrong, and on switch on, the drop resister blew straight through the board.

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