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HM Sheridan can't be real butcher. They advertise gluten free black pudding and haggis. Catering to the post-modern psychosomatic illness crowd[0] is a sure way to let standards slip.

That, and the fact that black pudding has been around a lot longer than HM Sheridan (or indeed Aberdeenshire!) kinda suggests someone's telling porkies.

[0] NOTE! I'm not poo-pooing Celiac (Coeliac) disease! I know a couple people who are affected. It's a very real, and very serious problem for them. This is a very small percentage of the general public, thankfully. The people I am talking about are the never diagnosed idiots who are convinced that gluten is evil, and the cause of all their digestive issues, because they saw it on TV ... all the while subsisting primarily on fast so-called "food".

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