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@Anomalous Coward

Yes, I did.

1 - The rest of Europe has not 'moved on from the war'. When the Greeks tried to default on their debt there was a HUGE amount of 'Germans=Nazis' language in the Greek press. There is still plenty of it from the Poles too, and the Hungarians. I remember my trip to Budapest and talking to the locals you got the impression they still really had a problem with Nazis. The walls of the Jewish quarter still have the bullet holes in them. But by God did they hate the Soviets. They had no time for the Nazis but mention the Soviets and they were seriously angry.

2 - If you are of the right generation, Allo Allo-style comic Nazis might be EXACTLY the theme you would be looking for. Knockwursts, transvestite Gestapo officers, and lots of lovely Nazis.

3 - Well, with opinions like THAT about Brexit it's not surprising you're staying anonymous. Shameful but not even slightly shocking. But rather than abuse you let me offer you a friendly book recommendation which might open your eyes a little. It's called "The Road to Somewhere" and it's by David Goodhart. It might help you to stop treating everyone who voted for Brexit quite so awfully.

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