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It's 100% your choice and decision

The old classic statement of only invest what you can afford to lose stands firm in this case.

Sure, we can all wax lyrical about the dangers of the unknowns of Cryptocurrency, I've seen as much volatility on the stock market, with some poor decisions on investment choices in some cases made by yours truly, particulalry on the AIM markets, but on the other hand I've had some absolute crackers as returns in some cases.

The crypto markets, if you can call them that, are nothing more than trading exchanges where you can maybe make some money, or maybe lose some money.

The only thing that isn't likely to happen is a major stock market crash if bitcoin folded overnight.

We can all dream that the holding of 10 Ethereum or whatever you invested in will be worth millions in 5 years time, there's also a danger it will be worth nothing too.

I say have some fun, if it's what you enjoy and don't be surprised if it kicks you in the arse at some point.. :)

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