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Cryptocurrencies - The ultimate capitalism

You no more need to know how bitcoin works than you do your TV or smartphone. It's nice when you do but you still use them, even when you don't.

All the central banks that are objecting to Bitcoin etc are longing for the good old days of central control. My cryptocurrency "wallet" is effectively a finger raised to those who think that Stalin and Ceausescu were right.

I suspect that it is not the fact that Bitcoins etc could be used for bad things that causes the hostility. Most investment schemes could and have been used from everything from tax avoidance (their favourite activity anyway) to illegal drugs.

Why are all the big banks and investors hostile then? Why have, supposedly democratic, governments been persuaded that this, new,perceived freedom is a bad thing? It is because it is outside the control of those banks and investment bodies. They can't control what people do. They can't destroy its usefulness with "high speed trading". They can't report to each other what we have done and they (wrongly) think that it is untrackable. Some people on wall street are looking to get into Bitcoin or something. On my salary, I keep away from stockbrokers but even if I did, I would not see any point in that. If there is a good chance that I loose money, I might as well do it myself.

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