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On his auguration, Trump decided to make a populist gesture. He'd require a volunteer from each branch of the armed forces and give them a financial reward.

First guy, an airman.

Trump : Now then gonna measure you and for every inch you'll get $1000. How'd you like to be measured?"

"I'm a tall guy, Sir, so if you don't mind i'd like my height to be measured"

Out with the tape measure, hmmm 6'8", "Give the guy $80,000.

Second guy, a big burly sailor.

"If you don't mind, Sir, i'd like to be measured around my chest"

Tape measure out, 68". "Give the guy $68,000"

Third guy, an old scrawny guy from the Bronx ex infantry.

Says to the guy, "now don't forget, we're gonna measure you and it#s $1000 per inch". Trump chuckles and turns to his aides, and says "Hey guys, we're quids in here, this ain't gonna cost much."

"Well, Sir, i'm not so tall nor broad so if you don't mind i'd like to be measured from the tip of my dick to the bottom of my balls"

Tape comes a out and after a bit of fumbling the measuring guy says "hey i can't find your balls."

"That's right" says the little guy, "they got shot off in Afghanistan, now start measuring"


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