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"And BTW none of the brexiciders picked up on the “more immigration from outside Europe” promise"

Indeed - the then Tory minister Priti Patel campaigned for Leave by promising to replace EU immigrants with those more entitled by history from the Indian subcontinent. Future non-EU trade deals are already being signalled as having demands for the relaxing of the UK job market for nationals from places like Australia and India.

My relatives in BREXIT Stoke on Trent are long used to Polish and Ukrainian immigrants. Many stayed after the war and our school pals seemed no different from us - apart from strangely spelled names that were soon Anglicised. The returning army often brought back new wives from France, Holland, Belgium, and Germany.

Assimilation usually seems to be pretty complete after three generations. My Hindu friends who arrived as children in the Ugandan diaspora seem very English - as are their their children will probably marry outside their ethnic community.

What did seem to be a festering problem in Stoke in recent years was the feeling that the more recent immigrants from the Indian subcontinent were not integrating - forming their own tight-knit localities of different cultural practices.

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