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The small fire thing is pretty much how I've always expected this to end.

AFAIK, and I'm certainly not a lawyer, the bail jumping offence is complete - he didn't report to the court and so is liable to immediate arrest and detention- the odds of getting bail for any hearing ever again are basically nil.

I do wonder what international convention is for people hiding in an embassy if natural or other disasters force an evacuation. It's not like they can drive a diplomatic vehicle in there - there's no garage. Presumably he'd simply be collected and detained?

The stupidity of fleeing Sweden for the UK because you claim to be worried about extradition to the USA is beyond my comprehension. If I was worried about extradition to the UK, Sweden is the EU country I'd be most likely to flee too. Russia would be my preferred destination ala Snowden. Spend all day drinking Vodka in the Kermlin then all night banging Anna Chapman like a big bass drum. It's got to be better than a couch.....

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