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I thought once I moved away from Durham, I'd have to forgo the pleasure of a real parmo, until about a year ago I was in my local rubbishy pizza take away place in East London, and they do proper Middlesboro parmo!

Turned out, the guy grew up in Middlesboro before moving down to London, some local Mackems found out where he was from and insisted he put them on the menu. It's all posh like, he puts them on the menu as "Chicken Parmesan". Hah! Just found this review from a confused Italian on their website:

as italian i was expecting the parmesan chicken to be baked chicken in tomato and oregano sauce with some pasmesan cheese on top.. it was actually deepfried chicken with one kg of oily mozzarella on top. disappointed: the taste wasn't bad and the portion was really big, but way too much fat. the salad with dressing should have a separate dressing, usually oilive oil, vinegar, or lemon.. it was instead covered with burger sauce!

Proper parmo!

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