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Apart from that, I dan't know what else they could charge him with, except possibly wasting police time?

Wasting Police time?

They didn't have to hang around en masse on a London Street for five years - blew the community policing budget probably - and we wonder why there are no 'bobbies on the beat' anymore?

They are all hanging around an embassy..

Police wasting their own time - it's not as if he [Julian] isn't recognisable by at least half the country by now - even if most just think he looks vaguely familiar cause he is not on strictly dancing every week....

I don't want much, just the UK to get it's nose out the US butt, brown nosing, grow some principles England used to be famous for, and a backbone. Very good at thumbing it to Europe, but a voice comes on the phone from Washington and they can't get obsequious quick enough...

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