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Sigh. This dork of a landlord references Fawlty Towers a mere 40 years after it was first broadcast to promote his "German Night", along with the only thing he could think of about Germany, i.e. Nazis.

Being of such low intelligence, he fails to realise that that episode is actually a hilarious demolition job from start to finish of just the sort of Fawltyish ignorance he himself is displaying. But no, all he remembers is the "silly walk" bit.

And then he plays the victim-snowflake card! Oh woe, the "PC brigade" are being employed (?) to stop me! What was wrong with my previous hoot of a poster asking whether you'd punch a woman in the face if you don't get what you want? There's nothing funnier than that!

I suppose the publicity will attract other people like him there as customers, nobly convincing themselves that they're striking a blow against political correctness, whilst keeping away many many others.

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