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The antipathy towards Gnome 3 is because it's a phone interface.

I look at all the things I can do with right- and middle-clicks on Gnome 2. Things I use a lot, like right-clicking on stuff in the task bar. Can't do them on Gnome 3 because it's a phone interface and so only left-click does anything. Not even some indirect method (such as drilling down through a menu or even going to a control panel) of getting to the same functionality (if there is, I haven't found it).

Lots of magic areas on screen. Stuff is hiding until it magically decides to pop up, or I accidentally move the pointer to a magic zone (when something I didn't want to pop up does pop up) because it's a phone interface. An interface for a phone with a tiny screen where you can't afford the luxury of a taskbar.

Most apps don't have menu bars but have a hamburger icon. So more clicks to do anything. Because it's a phone interface for phones with tiny screens.

They could have made it bi-modal. "I'm running on a proper computer so I'll give you a rich interface" and "I'm running on a phone so I'll give you a minimal interface." They could also have had a config option to say "Give me a phone interface even on a proper computer so I always see the same thing." At the very least they could have made it possible to do the same things that you can with middle- and right-clicks in a roundabout way. They didn't do any of those things.

You know what really annoys me? When the idle lockout kicks in. On Gnome 2 I can press a key or move the mouse to make it wake up and give me a login box. On Gnome 3 I have to click with the mouse and drag upwards, just like on a phone. This is to protect me from putting my desktop and monitor in my pocket and accidentally waking up the computer as I walk. That is fucking insane.

I have nothing but contempt for Gnome 3 and the people who developed it. Even after all the complaints, even after the Mate/Cinnamon forks, they insist on doing things a fucking stupid way so it works on phones. How many commercial phones have Gnome 3 as the UI? How many are ever likely to?

Consistently doing something in a stupid, counter-productive way is no virtue.

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