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I don't agree. According to the article:-

45 per cent of PCs still run Windows 7, and only just over 27 per cent Windows 10.

Ergo, with an 18% lead over WinX, people and businesses prefer privacy, stability and controllability over the ongoing trainwreck that is WinX.

New features summary from a cynic.

Timeline: We'll transmit a summary of everything you've done to Microsoft! Enjoy having no privacy!

Sets: We're reinventing an inferior version of the taskbar for new sytle apps as we can't admit that people want their taskbar back!

Progressive Web Apps: Remember VBA apps in IE6? Everybody loved those, let's do it again! Be locked into using our products until the stars burn out. Complete with security problems that will still be being discovered in a decades time! Take up these exciting new features now to ensure dissapointment, depression, despondancy and ongoing dependance on microsoft!

Microsoft has now abandoned the mobile market, and tacitly agrees that their major market is for the PC. But they remain determined to force their customers to use a touchscreen interface optimised for a 7" touchscreen mobile on a 28" desktop screen which is interacted with by their mouse. The average home user despises it. The average business user has stuck with Win7 and has no migration plan to WinX.

Microsoft now has the choice of delivering something their customers actually want and retaining 90% of the business market locked into their existing one stop ecosystem, or face increasing numbers of their business customers migrating to other platforms.

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