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Calling it now.

Subscription charge for the 'Pro' features, Group Policy Editor, virtualization, BitLocker, Domain Join etc.

Next time there will be no Home vs Pro edition of Windows: everyone gets 'Home' by default. If you want Pro, you'll have to pay a monthly subscription; the day you stop paying is the day those features get switched off. For stuff such as Cortana, Edge, OneDrive etc, Microsoft can take them and shove it.

They'll throw in free OneDrive cloud storage, a few months of free Office 365 trial, and maybe some credits or code to redeem games or apps on the Microsoft Store.

This is the brave new world. If it gets out of hand I'd rather buy a Mac.

A win32 desktop-focused Windows (ReactOS) can't arrive quickly enough. Run Steam and legacy games properly, run the win32 applications flawlessly.

I can't wait for the day when using Windows is like launching a Sega Genesis emulator, only used occasionally for a dose of legacy nostalgia, nothing more.

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