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All my questions have not had answers that are discoverable by Google before or I would have found it and sorted it (I'm a man - I don't ask for directions unless its a last resort).

The crap starts as soon as I mention its for Windows integration - then - as in these forums - any mention of Microsoft is greeted by derision.

Your answer is (as I expected from someone supporting - if not one yourself) the penguinistas in question. I have been an ardent follower of Linux since the early days, unfortunately the attitude in Linux user environments towards Microsoft products that most of the world chooses to purchase and use is to say the least deplorable. It seems that many in the community don't believe in choice when it comes to operating systems other than Linux but will happily shout that people should choose Linux at every opportunity.

The world has space for all OS's, just wish people would get over that and stop the garbage - maybe - maybe then the days of Linux on the desktop just might happen - until then anyone considering the move - one look in the forums will sure as hell put them off (as will LT himself).

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