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Innovation is what's needed...

"Old school model, pay $50 and that's it."

Which is also how it should be. I'm pretty much of an audio freak and have purchased several professional DAW's and same thing: you pay a lot of money (around E 700,- or such for Ableton Live Suite edition) but that's it. The version gets supported for many years until a new version comes out, then I can upgrade (but with a huge discount because I'm already a customer) or chose not to. When the version after that comes out: same deal. I can upgrade, with a discount.

The problem though is that software vendors should be more innovative. There comes a time when you don't have much extra to sell your audience, after which some customers can become stingy if you try to sell them stuff which - to them - isn't worth the upgrade costs.

There are some software vendors who I really admire, and who I've stuck with over the years. Especially: Ableton, Propellerhead, Visual Paradigm, Daz Studio and Cycling '74 (now part of Ableton). Oh, and AOMEI tech: their partitioning software is brilliant in my opinion. Even the free version does good stuff, but it's well worth buying into as well.

So what would be the main thing which "ties" all these companies together? Their "old school" and honest sales model: you pay for an item, you download the item and it's yours to work with. No subscription nonsense, no "new version = new full payment" nonsense (they actually value their customers!) and most of all: I seriously enjoy working with the software.

Microsoft? I actually paid for Windows 7 (bought the Professional version) and what did I get? They tried to force me into Windows 10. Not even the pro version! So much for reliability. I'm staying on 7 for as long as it's supported and after that we'll see what's next. I wouldn't even be surprised if I'd move onto FreeBSD (with a Win7 VM for my regular work) or maybe even make a switch to Apple. I don't particularly like Apple (in some cases I think it's overpriced) but to my knowledge they don't try to force you into stuff you don't want. And all my professional software runs on both platforms, so....

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