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Hold on to your aaSes: Yup, Windows 10 'as a service' is incoming

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NO. WRONG. NO, NO, NO! People are *NOT* "moving off of the desktop". People are simply *NOT* *UPGRADING* *THEIR* *DESKTOP* *AND* *NOTEBOOK* *COMPUTERS*

Ick, caps.

Twenty years ago, desktops were what you 'generally' needed to browse the web and use email - If your needs are not much more than that - and many fall into that category. Do they really need a little desk in the corner of the living room or wherever to do that any more if their phone can do it.

Some might still have the desktop or laptop sitting. I'd wager they don't get used as much, if at all. Odds are they won't be mourned if they don't boot up one day.

<u>Not everyone needs a desktop (or even a laptop). They've dropped from necessity to a luxury for the user who is not actually using them for work.

The 'Desktop' isn't dead, but there are other options than it, or even a big laptop now. Some will not feel the need to have anything more than a phone - some might like a laptop, but budget and priorities preclude that.

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