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Hold on to your aaSes: Yup, Windows 10 'as a service' is incoming

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"And also because the market is shrinking as people move of desktop for good"

NO. WRONG. NO, NO, NO! People are *NOT* "moving off of the desktop". People are simply *NOT* *UPGRADING* *THEIR* *DESKTOP* *AND* *NOTEBOOK* *COMPUTERS* in significant enough volume as compared to 10 years ago. This is due to SO many factors, with an end to 'Moore's Law" driving 30% improvements every year. In other words, your 10 year old machine running Windows 7 or Vista is "Good enough" so with a new hard drive or some extra RAM, you're doing just fine with the old box, and EVEN BETTER in many ways because it is _NOT_ Win-10-nic!!!

Market measurements ONLY look at NEW SALES. They don't look at EXISTING INSTALLS.

When people buy slabs and phones, they do NOT replace their DESKTOP machines with them. This was the BIGGEST MARKETING BLUNDER that Micro-shaft made when they went with Windows "Ape" and that major cluster-blank "the Metro" interface, and THEN went with their "one windows" strategy and Win-10-nic [even worse than before].

Micro-shaft is WRONG about the market. Plain and simple. And that's why Win-10-nic is FAILING. When Win "Ape" and WIndows 7 machines were next to one another on the display shelf, guess which one was selling? You got it, Windows 7. Micro-shaft doesn't LIKE us rejecting their "shove it up our rectum" operating system, and so they SHUT DOWN ALL OTHER ALTERNATIVES. Now it's "take Win-10-nic or we shove it up your ass" for a new computer. Nobody likes having computers and operating systems shoved up their ass. A lot of people just tolerate it, or don't care enough. Maybe they like it who knows. Whatever tips their trigger.

At any rate, if Win-10-nic were so popular, then WHY! MUST! MICRO-SHAFT! ADVERTISE! IT! ???

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