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Hold on to your aaSes: Yup, Windows 10 'as a service' is incoming


Most of these 'features' are utterly pointless, and are turning windows into a garish side-show that bares little resemblence to what it was originally designed for. Feature bloat is now becoming a real problem as MS fall over themselves to try and attract people to the platform, and every new feature that's part of the OS adds bugs and other problems. Not that MS really care - 'as a service' means they don't have to really worry about bugs at release time anymore. They just keep patching the system as they go, but in reality, it's like the boy with his finger in the dam - and there are a lot of holes to plug.

Windows, at it's core, is designed to be a program launcher. That's all it needed to do. Run win32 apps of the users choice securely and stably. MS never even really acheived that lofty goal though - Windows now is just inherantly broken. MS just do their best to make it look pretty to take peoples minds of it.

The last version of Windows with the actual user in mind was Win7. It ticked almost all the boxes people needed, and that's why MS have such a huge problem with Win10. 10 is primarily a conduit to push people towards MS services, extracting huge amounts of data at the same time, so MS can inject ads, promotions and offers directly into the OS. It's a bastard Jekyll'n'Hyde of an OS that just shows how low MS have sunk.

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