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Thank you for pointing this out. I intended to do so if nobody else had done it yet.

As someone whom relies on a ScreenReaderEnvironment (SRE) to interact with my computer at all, the OS remaining stable is absolutely critical. I can't see to fix it if an OS update breaks the SRE, since I can't use the computer unless/until the SRE is talking & the SRE can't talk until/unless the OS is up & running. Break the OS & I'm left with having to pack up my computer, take it to BestBuy, & pray they don't destroy what's left. They will almost certainly empty my bank account, so either way I'm well & truely fucked.

MS doesn't seem to realize, care, or intend to do anything for folks that *have* to have a stable OS in order to use the Accessibility tools we need to interact with the computer at all. They issue a patch, the patch breaks $Something, & part of that $Something will invariably fuck up the Accessibility. Since we can't fix the machine until/unless the Accessibility bits are working, an OS that's broken also breaks the Accessibility & leaves us unable to do anything... except pay someone else to try & fix our computer for us.

Fuck that. I'm sticking with Windows 7 until I get fluent enough with my new Linux+ORCA (the SRE) system to ditch Windows entirely. I suck at Linux, it's been nearly twenty years since I last used it with any frequency, but I'm slowly clawing out the knowledge I need to be productive. I can't be productive on Windows 10, I'd be too worried that my computer would stop working at any time "for no apparent reason" (aka a Windows update forced down the pipe) & suddenly no longer had a computer at all.

Hear that Microsoft? I don't need the fancy shit, I don't need the feature of the day, I don't need AR & VR & MR & whatever else you call it this week, I don't need Curtana, I don't need all the shit you keep shoveling down the pipe, I need a stable, reliable, working OS that allows both my SRE & I to Get Shit Done. You stop me from GSD & my only recourse is to find someone else (another OS) that *will*. Guess what? You've screwed the pooch with Windows 10, & since I'm not into beastiality I'll go elsewhere.

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