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> Buggered if I can find any REAL improvements over Win7

I don't have Win10, but Win7 was a step back from WinXP in user-friendliness. The best example is the Control Panel. In WinXP if you wanted/needed to change some system setting you knew it was in one of the (obvious) Control Panel Categories; In Win7 it's not that simple anymore. The File Explorer also lost functionality and got cluttered by adding lots of stuff nobody asked for, which shouldn't be there, and you can't remove or hide.

It's an unfortunate evolution to remove usability which started much earlier, and the best example is Window's native disk checking program: Till Win2000 it gave you a full report of what it had found and done. From WinXP on, all of a sudden that report was dropped: No feedback at all (well, for boot-time checks you could find a report in the System log, if you knew such a thing exists). Why on earth did they drop that result feedback? "According to user request", to "improve our experience", or just to "innovate"?

From the user experience point of view, WinXP SP3 was IMHO the best Windows there has ever been, after that usability went rapidly downhill.

- Note I'm not speaking about speed, security or stuff like that. Just about the ease to do and find things if you're not an IT professional.

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