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"I would *REALLY* *LIKE* to see more evidence of that"

Microsoft has always been a company telling you "do as I say and not as I do".

It is true MS marketing and salespeople (including the so called "sales engineers", whose actual role is "social engineer") always asked (naive) customers to use each and every technology MS has or had to sale - even those that had no future, but if you look at Microsoft product themselves, they have been much more conservative.

But what MS want is not what you should do, because it's not always good for you. Smart (and successful) companies understood that many years ago, and don't run to jump on any new bandwagon MS rolls out, and care about what their sales say, not what the average naive tech journo says about the latest shiny technology (DevOps, anyone?).

Some others do listen to anything MS says, and often pay it dearly, when the bandwagon is EOLed and desupported.

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