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Hold on to your aaSes: Yup, Windows 10 'as a service' is incoming

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'completely do away with the old-style Control Panel' - I'm not sure about doing away with the control panel. It's like a passage of time for long term sys admins, you open one element it looks like it's from Windows 10, open another dialogue box and that is in the style of WIndows 8 and the properties box of that is like Windows 7. Memory lane all in the process of changing one setting.

Another one of my pet hates about Windows 10 is the amount of crap it comes installed with that I don't want. The fact I then need to mess around in the powershell to remove some of it is like hiding the uninstall option. Why does a buisness PC need XBox connectivity? Or even the time suck that is candy crush? It doesn't. I buy Windows and it tries to sell me stuff. That is not fair. I can forgive Android for adverts - as they give it away, but when I am paying for a product, I don't expect it to try and up sell me.

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