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Face book makes me sad

Truly, I felt Face book lurking making me horribly miserable. Before few decades ago, just one neighbor to compare. It was quite easier to be happy, at that time only one competitor was there. Now competition becomes high as so many competitors in my face book account.

That is why I decide to take break from using face book. At same period of time I introduce one application named as Bequeathit. I tried this application. Bequeathit application is the best application from all social media application I would like to say that. No any competitor I have to face as people who have connected in my application only can connect me. Same as I can see the profile as well as activities only those people who are connected in my application.

I suggest you all to use this application. At least you all should try this application for a once. I can surely say that you will all also feel at that level of happiness.

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