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"Read more and try to understand when and where the GPL is an issue"

I know exactly what the GPL is, and how much it make developing closed source commercial software on Linux difficult - it's exactly the very reason it was created. GPLv3, with its anti-DRM clauses, it's even worse when you need exactly to create DRM protected stuff. Believe it or not, there are people who need it. Apple had to remove Samba from macOS exactly for that reason.

Why companies like Adobe should develop software in a license minefield like Linux, to target a few percent of the desktop market, and where many other pieces are missing for professional users? Do you believe they would go open source, with all the IP they have to protect?

That's another reason why development tools on Linux are poor, or are the by-side product of a big company needing them for their own expensive middleware, like Eclipse.

Linux is the worst enemy of itself. Really, instead of the penguin icon we need a Stallman one...

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